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The End

It’s another end,
When you lost your best friend,
On which your life would depend.

The end,
That you cannot defend,
That you cannot pretend,
Her, that you would befriend,
When she always reoffend.

I know what I cannot send,
My time, that cannot extend,
I can only recommend,
To you, is your dark site to suspend.

I know you would amend,
And expect an happy end,
Without fair transcend,
Repeating every bend,
That was your trend.

No, I would not like to attend,
That life, as it’s not for lend.

You should comprehend,
Every single word I send,
As I don’t have an extra life to append.

What I can do, but to understand,
That this time this is the end,
No extra will, energy and feelings to spend.

This is, my friend,
Sad, but the real end.

(Oktay Ahmed)